Teach In For Troy Davis Tonight in NYC

15 07 2009

You can find out about more local events surrounding prisoner rights, prison reform, and death penalty abolishment by following the NYC Campaign to End The Death Penalty on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/cedpnyc

Teach-In For Troy Davis

Please join the Campaign to End the Death Penalty, Amnesty International and others in a “teach-in” about Troy’s case, learning the facts behind this shocking injustice, and debating what the next steps are for a movement to stop Troy’s executions – and all executions.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


St. Mary’s Episcopal Church

521 West 126th st

(between Amsterdam and Broadway)


*AMY GOODMAN, host of Democracy Now!

*Michael Letwin, activist, member of the Association of Legal Aid Attorney

Musical groups:? The Welfare Poets

And many others!

Troy Davis — sentenced to death in 1991 — remains on death row despite a compelling case of innocence. With no physical evidence, the case against him consisted entirely of witness testimony which contained inconsistencies event at the time of the trial. All but two of the state’s on-police witnesses have now recanted or contradicted their testimony. This new evidence has never been reviewed in a court of law. His case has become a symbol of the racism and inequality that exists of the U.S. criminal justice system and the death penaty machine, with an international movement of solidarity springing up around him. Public pressure has helped halt his execution three times so far – but today he is nearing the end of his legal options, and could be send to the death chamber as soon as October if the US Supreme Court rules against him.

You can learn more about Troy Davis at Amnesty International.



Events For Activists 6/23-6/28

23 06 2009

You can visit the Stella D’oro picket line Monday – Friday. They are on the picket line every day in front of the Stella D’ oro plant, W. 237th St. & Broadway in the Bronx. http://www.stelladorostrike2008.com/

Tuesday June 23rd

Mass Call & Email for TROY DAVIS!!!!!

On June 25, the Supreme Court will conference to decide whether to allow a court to hear Troy Davis’s case. If the court rules against him, Chatham County, Georgia District Attorney Larry Chisolm will have a decision to make. Either he can reopen Troy’s case and let his evidence of innocence be heard, or he can perpetuate an injustice and seek another death warrant for Troy. On Tuesday, June 23, the Campaign to End the Death Penalty is calling on people around the country and around the world to call, fax and email Chisolm to seek justice, and remind him that we are watching to see what he will do.
Call, fax, and email Chatham County D.A. Larry Chisolm June 23. Let him know that we want him to re-open Troy Davis’s case. We expect him NOT to seek yet another execution date.

Phone: (912) 652-7308
(912) 652-7328 & (912) 447-5396
Email: LCHISOLM@chathamcounty.org

National Day of Action Against Wells Fargo at Wachovia, Broadway and Grand, 5 p.m List of Events Around the Nation. Force Wells Fargo & Wachovia to make good on the loans that the UE are counting on. More information on the dispute can be found at Workers.org.

Take Back WBAI organizer meeting @ 7PM District 1707 Union Hall 75 Varick Street – just North of Canal (Varick = 7th Ave south) 14th floor takebackwbai.org

At the Brecht Forum at 7:30pm:


Co-sponsors: Gloves Off Collective, Social Watch & Others TBA

Towards a People-Centered Economy

Alternative Responses to the Crisis

With: Diana Aguiar, International Gender and Trade Network
Sarah Anderson, Institute for Policy Studies
Larry Holmes, Bail Out the People Movement
Arjun Karki, LDC Watch
Pedro Paez, Ex-Minister of Economic Coordination, Ecuador and member of Commission of Experts of the President of the UN General Assembly on Reforms of the International Monetary and Financial System
Jana Silverman, Social Watch (moderator)
Steve Suppan, Institute of Agriculture and Trade Policy and Our World is Not for Sale Network

Wednesday June 24th

Join the New York City Community Gardens Coalition for an action at  City Hall at 10am. The Coalition warns that our city gardens are not safe – come to the hearing to defend this public space.

Petition Training at 7pmReverend Billy HQ for his Mayoral Campaign. Details at Vote Rev Billy.

Gay Liberation Front Panel with original members of the movement  at 6 p.m., at the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building South Court Auditorium, Fifth Avenue and West 42nd Street, 917 ASK-NYPL (917-275-6975). Details at the LGBT@NYPL website.

Bail Out the People Organizers Meeting at 6:30pm at the Solidarity Center. Solidarity Center, 55 W. 17th Street, 5th Floor.
Phone 212-633-6646. Email: Bailoutpeople@safewebmail.com. http://www.bailoutthepeople.org

Iran Election Protest Union Square Park 7pm – 10pm. More information at the event’s Facebook page.

Thursday June 25th

Iran Interrupted at 7pm. A free reading with Columbia University Professor Hamid Dabashi.  More information at Alwan For The Arts.

Professor Dabashi offers a reading of Iran that goes beyond the cliches of a country caught between a belligerent medieval tradition and an alien modernity to a more historical and culturally multifaceted approach.

Friday June 26th

Trans (Transgender) Day Of Action rally @3pm in Union Square & march at 4pm heading to Sheridan Square. Full details at SLRP.org.

MNYRCAT is marking the U.N. International Day for the Survivors and Victims of Torture with a public witness at Union Square that will be followed by a procession to the Friends Meeting House for our Interfaith Service of Prayer.  At our public witness, we will be collecting signatures on petitions calling for a Commission of Inquiry to ensure U.S.-sponsored torture never happens.

2.30 p.m. Public Witness at the Gandhi Statue at Union Square

3.30 – 4.30 p.m. Interfaith Service at the 15th Street Friends Meeting House
(15 Rutherford Place, East 15th between 2nd & 3rd Ave.)

Participate in the Public Witness. Please bring a sign that says, “Say No to Torture. Truth Commission Now.” Please bring extra signs, if possible, for those who may not have one.

Amnesty International

A Call to Action: NYC Rally to Protest Post Election Violence in Iran!
Columbus Circle
(at the start of Central Park Merchants’ Gate: West 59th St.)
Friday, June 26th, 2009
6:30PM – 8:30PM
W/Amnesty Intl – Executive Director

Saturday June 27th

“Our Future is Unwritten”  Organizing Conference
A Joint NYC/Northern NJ Socialist Party Organizing Conference

A Speaker from the Domestic Workers United
A Speaker from the striking Stella D’oro Workers Union
Jonas Sjostedt – Swedish Left Party
Bill Weinberg – WBAI’s Moorish Orthodox Radio Crusade
Bola Aribidesi – Elderly Rights Activist
Rob Hollander – anti-gentrification organizer, Save the Lower East Side
Zelig Stern – New School Occupier and Single-payer activist

Free & Open To The Public Starting at Noon  at 339 Lafayette Street (corner of Bleecker) Buzzer #11

Sunday June 28th

The one, the only, the legendary NYC Pride Parade starting at Noon.

Volunteer Petitoners Wanted

Norman Siegel, former director of the NYCLU, and candidate for Public Advocate is a strong advocate for 1st amendment rights – Check out his views on the issues here: http://www.normansiegel.com/issues you can also check out a profile of him in last weeks issue of City Limits.

Yetta Kurland, a lawyer, is running against Christine Quinn for City Council. Check out http://yettakurland.com/splash/index.html And if you’re not convinced we need a replacement for Quinn check out this damning video:

Protests! Tonight 5/26

26 05 2009

“The demand for equal rights in every vocation of life is just and fair; but, after all, the most vital right is the right to love and be loved.” Emma Goldman

Protest the Proposition 8 Decision at Sheridan Square at 6pm and/or Union Square at 7pm. Details @ Day of  Decision

All governments should be pressured to correct their abuses of human rights.” Richard Stallman 

Protest Karl Rove outside Radio City Music Hall at 6:30pm with War Criminal Watch.

“The death penalty, I think, is a terrible scar on American justice, especially the concept of equal justice under law, but also of due process.” Burke Marshall 

Troy Davis Meeting with Campaign To End the Death Penalty at 7pm at 521 West 126th Street (near 1 train at 125th).

The Fight For Troy Anthony Davis’s Life

20 05 2009


Please sign the NAACP & Amnesty Intl Petitions for Troy Davis. The International Action Center is also circulating a petition! The Campaign to End the Death Penalty will meet at Tuesday May 26th at 7pm at St. Mary’s Church, 521 West 126th Street. Please take action for this man’s life and let others know RIGHT NOW!!!!

In concert with people across the nation (and at world events) a hundred people or more gathered in Union Square last night with Amnesty International USA, The Campaign to End the Death Penalty, New Yorkers For An Alternative to the Death Penalty, National Conference of Black Lawyers, Death Penalty Abolition Task Force, NAACP,  National Action Network and more groups to rally behind the life of a Georgia man, Troy Davis, who is imprisoned without physical evidence. 


The testimony of 7 out of 9 witnesses was recanted, leaving one of the 2 who didn’t change their story indicated as the real killer. Reading from perspective of those 7 last night indicated that many of them were intoxicated, that they went along with whatever the police wanted to hear, and that they signed paperwork without reading it. The Stay of Execution has been lifted on Davis and activists demand this man not be put to death without a retrial and call for the abolition of the death penalty.

Besides speeches from some of the groups that hosted the NYC event guests included a speech from the exonerated Yusef Salam, of the Central Park 5 ,  who asked everyone to contact their congress & senators, a beautiful performance by The Welfare Poets, IMPACT Repertory Theatre and meaningful statements rapper M-1 of Dead Prez

“Everyday you have to wake up and say what have I done? What can I do for the community?’ M-1 said.  The rapper said he and many of us are “sick and tired of being sick and tired,” stating that we need justice today and that ” 1 of us can’t be free until all of us are free.”  

“I am a revolutionary,” he asked the crowd to join in chanting.  

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The senior minister of the Riverside church Rev. Dr. Brad R. Braxton, invoked memories of spoke stating “resist in ways that never become violent.” “Speak boldly and courageously, but yet speaking in a way that’s truthful and loving.” 


Davis was featured yesterday on Democracy Now: