Teach In For Troy Davis Tonight in NYC

15 07 2009

You can find out about more local events surrounding prisoner rights, prison reform, and death penalty abolishment by following the NYC Campaign to End The Death Penalty on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/cedpnyc

Teach-In For Troy Davis

Please join the Campaign to End the Death Penalty, Amnesty International and others in a “teach-in” about Troy’s case, learning the facts behind this shocking injustice, and debating what the next steps are for a movement to stop Troy’s executions – and all executions.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


St. Mary’s Episcopal Church

521 West 126th st

(between Amsterdam and Broadway)


*AMY GOODMAN, host of Democracy Now!

*Michael Letwin, activist, member of the Association of Legal Aid Attorney

Musical groups:? The Welfare Poets

And many others!

Troy Davis — sentenced to death in 1991 — remains on death row despite a compelling case of innocence. With no physical evidence, the case against him consisted entirely of witness testimony which contained inconsistencies event at the time of the trial. All but two of the state’s on-police witnesses have now recanted or contradicted their testimony. This new evidence has never been reviewed in a court of law. His case has become a symbol of the racism and inequality that exists of the U.S. criminal justice system and the death penaty machine, with an international movement of solidarity springing up around him. Public pressure has helped halt his execution three times so far – but today he is nearing the end of his legal options, and could be send to the death chamber as soon as October if the US Supreme Court rules against him.

You can learn more about Troy Davis at Amnesty International.



Rev Billy At Manhattan Detention Center Saturday At Noon

6 03 2009

Mayoral candidate Reverend Bill Talen will be making a stop at an unmarked detention center at 201 Varrick Street at Noon on Saturday for a rally. The group will then head to a similar action at a more well known prison in New Jersey. 

We are an immigrant country and New York, like Los Angeles and Miami – is an immigrant city.  – The Rev

Sunday they’ll dicuss the actions and will hear from immigrant rights activists and former detention center detainees at their Highline Ballroom show at 2pm.

Rev. Billy & Savitri to Survey NYC Prisons; Change Church Name

2 02 2009


Reverend Billy Starbucks Protest

Reverend Billy Starbucks Protest

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Reverend Billy and Savitri D. have changed the name of the church fomerly know as “Stop Shopping,” to the Church of Life After Shopping, they announced on their blog recently. 


We feel like America did stop shopping, and now we want to start our shopping over – locally, organically, Fair Trade and Sweatfree. So the retail bubble burst, and now its "Life After..

Reverend Billy

Also, in conjunction with a previous announcement on the Hour of Power that they would tour NYC’s prisons to pray and bring awareness, they have said that they will commence this campaign before their first performance of the new year at the Highline Ballroom on March 8th. Tickets to the event are available here.


The for-profit prisons have a motive for keeping people inside, and the scandal of how people are treated there is ongoing.

Reverend Billy

This comes on the heels of the news that Billy, maybe symbolically, is running for mayor of NYC. The couple endorses eco-candidate and animals rights advocate Tony Avella for the 2009 race.

Not long ago, in October of last year, Billy himself was featured exiting City Hall on the infamous Court House Confessions blog which interviews attendees leaving court.


I was accused of a violation, disorderly conduct. We were trying to interrupt rich people from having a dinner in Union Square. Yes the same rich people that are trying to turn Union Square into their own restaurant. Amen.

Rev. Billy on the Courthouse Confessions Blog

Read about that arrest featured previously on Now Public. The protest was in relationship to Rev. & Savitir’s Union Square Campaign

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