Reverend Billy & Avella Featured in City Limits

1 07 2009

Though City Councilman Tony Avella and “Reverend” Billy Talen have an uphill battle to beat Goliath this fall, they’re banking on grassroots dissent against Bloomberg to propel their bids for office. > By Jarrett Murphy

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You can come out tomorrow night (Wednesday July, 1st)  at 7pm and train for a half an hour at Reverend Billy Headquarters to gather petitions to get him on the Ballot! VoteRevBilly.Org

Reverend Billy Talen – A Voice For Every New Yorker!


A Voice for the Neighborhoods! A Voice for Coney Island! A Voice for Union Square! A Voice for you 1st Amendment Rights! A Voice for an uncommercialized New York City with an emphasis on environmental responsibility!


Local SoHo neighborhood businessmen and supporters of the Vote Rev Billy campaign for New York City Mayor on the Green Party ticket.


As Mayor of New York City, Rev Billy Talen wants to represent Richard St. Arromand.


As Mayor of New York City, Rev Billy Talen wants to represent Lamont Hutchinson.

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Reverend Billy Talen For Mayor of NYC Zine & Petition Training

30 06 2009

Reverend Billy Talen, Green Party candidate for Mayor of New York City 2009, has released a Zine! in support of his campaign! How cool is that!?


Buttons are available at the headquarters at  250 Lafayette, 10012 and petition training to help get the Rev on the Ballot is this Wednesday July 1st at 7pm.  More Information at


Dyke March NYC 2009

29 06 2009

Video by AlexandrBelikov


Coney Island Mermaid Parade 2009

21 06 2009
Get Involved! Save Coney:
Dreamland Roller Rink:
Ruby’s Bar & Grill
Kinetic Carnival Coney Island Blog:
Coney Island Mermid Parade 2009
On Friday, in Coney,  Gothamist reported on the opening of the Circus with PETA there to protest. Full Story

Rev-olution, Rev-Alujiah. Reverend Billy Says F the Fair Hike.

16 05 2009

IMG_5868, originally uploaded by voterevbilly. Copyright Brennan Cavanaugh & The Rev Billy for Mayor Campaign

Reverend Billy Completes His “F The Fair Hike” Whistle Stop Tour in Coney Island on Thursday. The Green Party Mayoral candidate and his wife Savitri D. are beloved for their tireless effort to preserve the integrity of Coney Island’s history and local business.

The couple completed an all day subway tour to meet neighbors on their commute in protest of the fair hikes and to promote Billy’s run for Mayor. Durkee & Talen bless New York City & the world with their message of people before profit in a unique style of innovative and theatrical activism.

May Day Footage 2009 NYC

3 05 2009

 Groups rallied in three parks on May 1st despite pouring rain to celebrate the historic uprising of workers and labor leaders that day in 1886. Participants celebrated the diversity of culture, and reframed the argument about immigration into one of human rights, while supporting efforts to revive American unions like the Employee Free Choice Act. 


mayday4Photo Copyright MamitaMala


mayday1Photo Copyright Aldmiro


mayday5Photo Copyright Center For Community Change         

Center For Community Change Website

Restaurant Opportunities of New York Website


mayday6Copyright Center For Community Change

Meanwhile the International Action Center issued an important statement about the potential misueses of the Swine Flu to create anti-immigrant sentiment and also about the struggle for rights in Mexico under an oppressive leader.

“…swine flu crisis must not become a basis to bash Mexican immigrants or Mexican people in the U.S. or lash out at the country of Mexico.  No Latino should be the target of a Fox-news-inspired backlash. Such a backlash will inevitably spill over to all immigrants of color….”

“…Nor should this crisis be be used to further repress or terrorize the Mexican people by the Felipe Calderon government. The Mexican people have for decades carried out a heroic struggle against their governments, one that exploits and oppresses the Mexican people and gives a free hand to U.S. corporations to plunder their country…”

Read the full Statement Here.


Tax Day Protests New York City 2009

14 04 2009

At 8am there will be a press conference outside the main post office on 8th Ave. in Manhattan with NORML and a check for the estimated amount of tax money that would be  generated by the legalization of Marijuana at their Marijuana Consumers Demand to Pay Taxes! events. 

The group will symbolically present the check at 4:20pm with NORML supporters. Head officials from the group, including president Allen St. Pierre, will be in attendance. 

The steps of the General Post Office in Manhattan
441 Eighth Ave 
New York, NY


Code Pink, Reverend Billy and other groups will gather at AIG to protest the sale of the headquarters and demand the money made be used to pay back their debt to taxpayers. The group invites you to bring your tax form as proof of ownership!

12 Noon
AIG Headquarters, 70 Pine St, NYC 


Marriage Equality New York, Civil Rights Front and Empire State Pride Agenda  will demand equal treatment at their Equal Taxes, Equal Rights rally also at the main post office in the city from 5:30-7:30pm


Bail Out the People will assemble at the post office in the evening as well, contact the group for more information.