Using Social Media For Change in NYC

15 07 2009

Now a staple activist hub itself, the New York City based is featuring a post about using social media for change (in collaboration with Mashable’s Summer of Social Good charitable fundraiser and Max Gladwell’s “10 Ways” series) that the group hopes will go viral :

10 ways you can use social media to show your support for issues that are important to you:

1. Write a Blog Post
2. Share Stories with Friends
3. Follow Charities on Social Networks
4. Support Causes on Awareness Hubs
5. Find Volunteer Opportunities
6. Embed a Widget on Your Site
7. Organize a Tweetup
8. Express Yourself Using Video
9. Sign or Start a Petition
10. Organize an Online Event

Full Post

You can also check out the Idealist NYC Blog


Meanwhile many new yorkers are employing some of these strategies and innovating their own resources. NYCis is a new citizen journalist site for residents. People can use the site to promote their blog or any story that they feel is of special importance or interest to the New York City audience. You can also author stories directly on the site.  Very similar to the Canadian based Now Public , NYCis,  may have a lotnp of potential connect people about important issues locally including politics & preservation.

On Twitter, NYCis offered an interesting post from the Knight Foundation talking a look at needs and resources for social bloggers. We all learned the extraordinary potential Twitter has for advancing human rights campaigns with the recent explosion of Iran Election tweets that also spilled over into main stream media.  The Economist evaluated  the real winners and losers” in the coverage of demonstrations and the NY Times looked at “Twitter on the Barricades: Six Lessons Learned

Facebook has great potential uses according to Heath Tucker, 23,  who used the website to organize the first protest of Proposition 8 in the city. Tucker ourscenehad only been in New York for 6 weeks and was working with only a handful of others. He’s now a member of Civil Rights Front and was featured on an Our Scene Tv, an LGBT Online TV Network, segment The Young And The Restless: A Generation Y Gay Activist’s Story.

Civil Rights Front merged with members of Join the Impact in New York City, previously. Join the Impact had equally impressive results It began on November 7th, 2008 with two friends emailing back and fortwetpainth about the California passage of Proposition 8.Source The founders were able to use Wet Paint, to faciliate organizing only days after the Proposition 8 referendum was voted on. Similarly, activists used wet paint to organize Day of Decision rallies well ahead of the California Supere Court decision.

Another great local example is No Impact Man a blogger who made a commitment with his family to live eco-friendly including practices like composting right in the heart of the city. A new movie is will feature their story:



Thank You Governor Paterson Marriage Equality Rally

17 05 2009




Marriage Equality activists from Civil Rights Front & Marriage Equality New York gathered for a rally on Sunday outside of David Paterson’s offices to show gratitude for the same sex marriage legislation Paterson introduced. The legislation passed the House and will move onto the Senate. but with a slim Democratic marjority in the senate there are still some Democratic senators like George Onorato of the 12th district in Queens and Ruben Diaz of the Bronx opposing the bill. 

Groups rallied later in the evening with Senator Tom Duane & celebrities including Cynthia Nixon and David Hyde Pierce at a Broadway Impact event partnering also with the Human Rights Campaign, Empire Pride Agenda, and Broadway Cares.  

Video: Coolcinematrash

CRF: Contact George Onorato For Marriage Equality

26 04 2009

Civil Rights Front reports that Senator George Onorato of the 12th District in Queens is opposed to marriage equality legislation submitted by Paterson.

Astoria office: (718) 545-9706
Albany office: (518) 455-3486

AND/OR Send a handwritten letter or visit his office in person: 

2811 Astoria Blvd.
Long Island City, NY 11102

AND/OR Send an email:


CRF will be taking action on April 28th for Equality & Justice Day in Albany talking to legislators and staging awareness raising demonstrations throughout the day. 

And in related news don’t forget about Twitter Same Sex Sunday!

Tax Day Protests New York City 2009

14 04 2009

At 8am there will be a press conference outside the main post office on 8th Ave. in Manhattan with NORML and a check for the estimated amount of tax money that would be  generated by the legalization of Marijuana at their Marijuana Consumers Demand to Pay Taxes! events. 

The group will symbolically present the check at 4:20pm with NORML supporters. Head officials from the group, including president Allen St. Pierre, will be in attendance. 

The steps of the General Post Office in Manhattan
441 Eighth Ave 
New York, NY


Code Pink, Reverend Billy and other groups will gather at AIG to protest the sale of the headquarters and demand the money made be used to pay back their debt to taxpayers. The group invites you to bring your tax form as proof of ownership!

12 Noon
AIG Headquarters, 70 Pine St, NYC 


Marriage Equality New York, Civil Rights Front and Empire State Pride Agenda  will demand equal treatment at their Equal Taxes, Equal Rights rally also at the main post office in the city from 5:30-7:30pm


Bail Out the People will assemble at the post office in the evening as well, contact the group for more information. 

The Weekend in NYC Activism in Pictures

5 04 2009

Check out the Pope Condom by the International Women’s Health Coaltition.  Speaking of religious leaders…



Photo By John Quilty

Green Party Mayoral Candidate Reverend Billy  denounced the state supreme court decision to let a restaurant occupy the Union Sqaure Pavilion.

Just like Rev Billy Otis Redding was hip to water conservation check out You Don’t Miss Your Water (Till It’s Gone)

Billy And also attended a protest on Wall Street with thousands of other people and groups nationwide including United For Peace & Justice and Code Pink.

rebillyapril4Check out the whole set of April 4th  by Protest Photos1 on Flickr

3pillow4Pillow Fight on Wall Street April 4th, 2009 By John @ Gothamist –Full Story

 I am proud of this group for coordinating this effort to make it politically meaningful.

The NYPD took their own footage of the event


One Arrest: 



 They broke their backs lifting Moloch to Heaven! Pave-
              ments, trees, radios, tons! lifting the city to
              Heaven which exists and is everywhere about

Bail Out The People March on Wall Street April 3rd-4th, 2009
Photo: IsisDC on Flickr
Video April 3rd, 2009
Sandra Hines and Derrick Grigsby of the Moratorium Now! Coalition to 
Stop Foreclosures and Evictions protesting.
Moratorium Now:
iheartiowa2Photo by Joshua H. on Flickr
checklistBy Brittany Travis Flickr
Marriage Equality New York & Civil Rights Front April 3rd, 2009 
Union Square Park - Celebrating the victory for gay civil rights 
in America as Iowa legislature announced it legalized same 
sex unions that day.

Civil Rights Front Meeting Tonight

1 04 2009

Civil Rights Front, formerly the NYC chapter of Join the Impact, will meet for its monthly meeting tonight. 

The first part of this meeting we will be updating everyone on the progress for Equality and Justice Day in Albany on April 28th, and we will also be discussing what we are preparing for the “Day of Decision,” an action that will take place the day the California Supreme Court announces their decision about the Prop 8 hearings.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009
7:30pm – 8:30pm
LGBT Community Center
208 W. 13th St.
New York, NY
The group is also on Facebook.

New York City Gay Rights Groups Merge

6 03 2009



The local chapter of Join The Impact has decided to merge with the Civil Rights Front. The groups have been working together since last November, said Matt Flanders former JTI national contact for the NYC chapter.

In order to provide more autonomy and allow people outside our group to take a more active role in planning national Join the Impact actions, we decided to stop using the name Join the Impact NYC.  That does not mean we will no longer participate in JTI actions, Flanders said. 

While our primary focus will be marriage equality in New York, we will continue to tackle other civil rights and national issues as the group sees fit.    

The group made national headlines when they protested for Freedom To Marry day at New York City’s Marriage Bureau on Feb. 12th along with Empire State Pride Agenda and Marriage Equality New York. Flanders encouraged anyone who wants to be involved in future actions by the former JTI to go to:

We have a lot going on in the upcoming months.  Some of the things we will be discussing at tomorrow’s meeting are Equality & Justice Day in Albany; a creative tax-day action on April 15th; the 40th anniversary of Stonewall; and how we can unite all the various New York-based organizations to work together on these actions.  After all, we want the same thing — true equality.  We have a lot of work to do.  I hope you will join the Civil Rights Front in this fight. , Flanders said. 


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