Working Families Party Excludes Rev Billy From Forum

3 07 2009

Last night the Working Families Party of New York held a forum for mayoral candidates in the city. But one prominent candidate was missing from the forum: NYC Icon and Green Party Candidate Reverend Billy Talen.

The forum hosted Bloomberg, Thompson, & Avella, but Billy Talen who stated via Twitter that he did, in fact, apply for the forum – was not processed as a participant.

The WFP responded on Twitter that the forum was for candidates who applied.

I was given the following information by the WFP when I, as an independant citizen, inquired via email the day of the event why my personal candidate of choice wasn’t being included:

Thank you for checking in with us about that. Please know that our Forum is for those candidates seeking the WFP endorsement. This is a long process that Rev. Billy did not choose to participate in – it’s not a question of leaving him out on purpose.

It’s easy to think that we excluded him on purpose, but our Forum is not a ‘nonpartisan’ event aimed at evaluating all candidates. It’s a WFP forum for those seeking our support.

I hope you’ll continue to be supportive of our work!




Completely Bogus! You can bet I no longer support the WFP. If they’ll give misinformation about this then god knows what else they’ll lie about!

Rev Billy’s Statements:
Meanwhile a blogger at  No Power Grab, believes the WFP might even endorse Bloomberg:
Given the sketchy nature of the WFP’s concealment of ignoring the good Rev I could almost believe it.



Rev Billy At Manhattan Detention Center Saturday At Noon

6 03 2009

Mayoral candidate Reverend Bill Talen will be making a stop at an unmarked detention center at 201 Varrick Street at Noon on Saturday for a rally. The group will then head to a similar action at a more well known prison in New Jersey. 

We are an immigrant country and New York, like Los Angeles and Miami – is an immigrant city.  – The Rev

Sunday they’ll dicuss the actions and will hear from immigrant rights activists and former detention center detainees at their Highline Ballroom show at 2pm.

Reverend Billy Talks Coney

6 03 2009

Green party mayoral candidate Reverend Bill Talen talks about his views on Coney Island development:

1) The biggest projects in the city are just to the west of the amusement area, and you can’t discuss change in Coney without assurances of jobs, education, infrastructure and safety of these citizens. The impact of increased traffic, should the city have its way and bring in more “customers” to Coney – is never addressed, especially the toxicity, noise, and asthma rates. The Museum-in-the-ghetto approach to Coney development – that’s a sin.

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Reverend Billy Announces Candidacy For Mayor

1 03 2009

Reverend Billy of the Church of Life After Shopping officially announced his candidacy for Mayor of the City of New York on March 1st in the park he has fought for, Union Square Park, in NYC.


l_bb29772e9d0740d7b5d80f5d13a9e1eeImage from Rev. Bill Talen’s Myspace Page. Click the Image.


Talen is running as a Green Party Candidate. He and Savitri D. are doing a tour of prisons in the city before they talk about immigration at their March 8th show at the Highline Ballroom. Check out his election website to get involved!


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Image Courtesy of Random Deanna on Flickr