Working Families Party Excludes Rev Billy From Forum

3 07 2009

Last night the Working Families Party of New York held a forum for mayoral candidates in the city. But one prominent candidate was missing from the forum: NYC Icon and Green Party Candidate Reverend Billy Talen.

The forum hosted Bloomberg, Thompson, & Avella, but Billy Talen who stated via Twitter that he did, in fact, apply for the forum – was not processed as a participant.

The WFP responded on Twitter that the forum was for candidates who applied.

I was given the following information by the WFP when I, as an independant citizen, inquired via email the day of the event why my personal candidate of choice wasn’t being included:

Thank you for checking in with us about that. Please know that our Forum is for those candidates seeking the WFP endorsement. This is a long process that Rev. Billy did not choose to participate in – it’s not a question of leaving him out on purpose.

It’s easy to think that we excluded him on purpose, but our Forum is not a ‘nonpartisan’ event aimed at evaluating all candidates. It’s a WFP forum for those seeking our support.

I hope you’ll continue to be supportive of our work!




Completely Bogus! You can bet I no longer support the WFP. If they’ll give misinformation about this then god knows what else they’ll lie about!

Rev Billy’s Statements:
Meanwhile a blogger at  No Power Grab, believes the WFP might even endorse Bloomberg:
Given the sketchy nature of the WFP’s concealment of ignoring the good Rev I could almost believe it.



Reverend Billy & Avella Featured in City Limits

1 07 2009

Though City Councilman Tony Avella and “Reverend” Billy Talen have an uphill battle to beat Goliath this fall, they’re banking on grassroots dissent against Bloomberg to propel their bids for office. > By Jarrett Murphy

Full Story

You can come out tomorrow night (Wednesday July, 1st)  at 7pm and train for a half an hour at Reverend Billy Headquarters to gather petitions to get him on the Ballot! VoteRevBilly.Org

Reverend Billy Talen – A Voice For Every New Yorker!


A Voice for the Neighborhoods! A Voice for Coney Island! A Voice for Union Square! A Voice for you 1st Amendment Rights! A Voice for an uncommercialized New York City with an emphasis on environmental responsibility!


Local SoHo neighborhood businessmen and supporters of the Vote Rev Billy campaign for New York City Mayor on the Green Party ticket.


As Mayor of New York City, Rev Billy Talen wants to represent Richard St. Arromand.


As Mayor of New York City, Rev Billy Talen wants to represent Lamont Hutchinson.

All photographs are copyright of the Reverend Billy For Mayor Campaign and are used in good faith without permission. Please Contact the Blog owner if there is any infringement.


Reverend Billy Talen For Mayor of NYC Zine & Petition Training

30 06 2009

Reverend Billy Talen, Green Party candidate for Mayor of New York City 2009, has released a Zine! in support of his campaign! How cool is that!?


Buttons are available at the headquarters at  250 Lafayette, 10012 and petition training to help get the Rev on the Ballot is this Wednesday July 1st at 7pm.  More Information at


Rev-olution, Rev-Alujiah. Reverend Billy Says F the Fair Hike.

16 05 2009

IMG_5868, originally uploaded by voterevbilly. Copyright Brennan Cavanaugh & The Rev Billy for Mayor Campaign

Reverend Billy Completes His “F The Fair Hike” Whistle Stop Tour in Coney Island on Thursday. The Green Party Mayoral candidate and his wife Savitri D. are beloved for their tireless effort to preserve the integrity of Coney Island’s history and local business.

The couple completed an all day subway tour to meet neighbors on their commute in protest of the fair hikes and to promote Billy’s run for Mayor. Durkee & Talen bless New York City & the world with their message of people before profit in a unique style of innovative and theatrical activism.

Reverend Billy Wins 1st Amendment Lawsuit

1 04 2009

Reverend Billy Talen Declares Victory Over Bloomberg Censor Squad

By Alan Gray, NewsBlaze

Favorably Settles 1st Amendment Lawsuit Against NYPD

NEW YORK – Mar. 31, 2009 – City Hall was brought to heel last week by Mayoral Candidate and televangelist gadfly Reverend Billy Talen, as they paid out $23,000.00 to settle the wrongful arrest of the Rev in Union Square in June 2007.

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Holy Water

27 03 2009


Mayoral Candidate Reverend Billy took some time to reflect on the church’s recent Blessing of the Water event that brought awareness to plans to drill for natural gas in the watershed Upstate on World Water Day 2009. This isn’t all Bill Talen has done to raise awareness about water this year he also participated in Think Outside the Bottle. Here’s a very informative interview with TOTB


Let The Water Speak 

The Church of Life After Shopping, the singers and I, were the performers that afternoon. People came to see us.  On the other hand, all of us watched the water, the clouds and waves.  We were listening.  We were guests of the water for an hour on that pier out over the Hudson River.  

World Water Day, March 22, was the original mover of our “Blessing of the Water Picnic.” And another thing – it was an early outing in my candidacy for Mayor of New York City.   But what got the crowd there was “fracking,” – the process by which a chemical cocktail is injected into underground shale to drive the natural gas toward Halliburton’s suction, shipment and storage.  This extraction poisons the water around it, as the citizens with the falling-out hair and flammable tap-water have noted… 


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Green Party Candidate Kick-Off Tonight

27 03 2009

David Pechefsky is running for city council in the 39th district and Mayoral candidate Reverend Billy will be there to speak at the fundraiser. 


David Pechefsky 
Come to a kick-off party for Green Party Candidate for City Council District 39.


 Barbès, 376 9th Street at 6th Avenue in Brooklyn


 Friday, March 27, 6:00–7:30 PM

appetizers, cash bar

 Suggested Donation: $25 / $50 / $75 / $175*

*gets the maximum in public matching funds