Reverend Billy Talen For Mayor of NYC Zine & Petition Training

30 06 2009

Reverend Billy Talen, Green Party candidate for Mayor of New York City 2009, has released a Zine! in support of his campaign! How cool is that!?


Buttons are available at the headquarters at  250 Lafayette, 10012 and petition training to help get the Rev on the Ballot is this Wednesday July 1st at 7pm.  More Information at



Rev-olution, Rev-Alujiah. Reverend Billy Says F the Fair Hike.

16 05 2009

IMG_5868, originally uploaded by voterevbilly. Copyright Brennan Cavanaugh & The Rev Billy for Mayor Campaign

Reverend Billy Completes His “F The Fair Hike” Whistle Stop Tour in Coney Island on Thursday. The Green Party Mayoral candidate and his wife Savitri D. are beloved for their tireless effort to preserve the integrity of Coney Island’s history and local business.

The couple completed an all day subway tour to meet neighbors on their commute in protest of the fair hikes and to promote Billy’s run for Mayor. Durkee & Talen bless New York City & the world with their message of people before profit in a unique style of innovative and theatrical activism.

Dominick DeRubbio Fighting The Good Fight

12 05 2009

Dominick DeRubbio, in honor of his Uncle firefighter David DeRubbio who was lost on 9/11, is fighting to keep fire houses open around the city despite Bloomberg’s cuts. DeRubbio is selling “No Bloomberg” stickers to fund the cause of raising awareness about closures:


DeRubbio has paired up with artist Suzannah Troy to spread the message. Troy run’s the blog Mayor Bloomberg King of New York …. A theme that even President Obama has noticed….

Holy Water

27 03 2009


Mayoral Candidate Reverend Billy took some time to reflect on the church’s recent Blessing of the Water event that brought awareness to plans to drill for natural gas in the watershed Upstate on World Water Day 2009. This isn’t all Bill Talen has done to raise awareness about water this year he also participated in Think Outside the Bottle. Here’s a very informative interview with TOTB


Let The Water Speak 

The Church of Life After Shopping, the singers and I, were the performers that afternoon. People came to see us.  On the other hand, all of us watched the water, the clouds and waves.  We were listening.  We were guests of the water for an hour on that pier out over the Hudson River.  

World Water Day, March 22, was the original mover of our “Blessing of the Water Picnic.” And another thing – it was an early outing in my candidacy for Mayor of New York City.   But what got the crowd there was “fracking,” – the process by which a chemical cocktail is injected into underground shale to drive the natural gas toward Halliburton’s suction, shipment and storage.  This extraction poisons the water around it, as the citizens with the falling-out hair and flammable tap-water have noted… 


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Reverend Billy Talks Coney

6 03 2009

Green party mayoral candidate Reverend Bill Talen talks about his views on Coney Island development:

1) The biggest projects in the city are just to the west of the amusement area, and you can’t discuss change in Coney without assurances of jobs, education, infrastructure and safety of these citizens. The impact of increased traffic, should the city have its way and bring in more “customers” to Coney – is never addressed, especially the toxicity, noise, and asthma rates. The Museum-in-the-ghetto approach to Coney development – that’s a sin.

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The Nation: Bloomberg Wrong Candidate

20 02 2009

Bloomberg: Wrong Mayor,

WrongCity, Wrong Time

“Any erstwhile liberal New Yorkers thinking of supporting Mike Bloomberg’s bid for a third term should read the New York Times carefully. The city hasn’t been spared the ravages of the recession…

…If Mayor Mike gets reelected, it will stay this way–or get worse.”

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