Using Social Media For Change in NYC

15 07 2009

Now a staple activist hub itself, the New York City based is featuring a post about using social media for change (in collaboration with Mashable’s Summer of Social Good charitable fundraiser and Max Gladwell’s “10 Ways” series) that the group hopes will go viral :

10 ways you can use social media to show your support for issues that are important to you:

1. Write a Blog Post
2. Share Stories with Friends
3. Follow Charities on Social Networks
4. Support Causes on Awareness Hubs
5. Find Volunteer Opportunities
6. Embed a Widget on Your Site
7. Organize a Tweetup
8. Express Yourself Using Video
9. Sign or Start a Petition
10. Organize an Online Event

Full Post

You can also check out the Idealist NYC Blog


Meanwhile many new yorkers are employing some of these strategies and innovating their own resources. NYCis is a new citizen journalist site for residents. People can use the site to promote their blog or any story that they feel is of special importance or interest to the New York City audience. You can also author stories directly on the site.  Very similar to the Canadian based Now Public , NYCis,  may have a lotnp of potential connect people about important issues locally including politics & preservation.

On Twitter, NYCis offered an interesting post from the Knight Foundation talking a look at needs and resources for social bloggers. We all learned the extraordinary potential Twitter has for advancing human rights campaigns with the recent explosion of Iran Election tweets that also spilled over into main stream media.  The Economist evaluated  the real winners and losers” in the coverage of demonstrations and the NY Times looked at “Twitter on the Barricades: Six Lessons Learned

Facebook has great potential uses according to Heath Tucker, 23,  who used the website to organize the first protest of Proposition 8 in the city. Tucker ourscenehad only been in New York for 6 weeks and was working with only a handful of others. He’s now a member of Civil Rights Front and was featured on an Our Scene Tv, an LGBT Online TV Network, segment The Young And The Restless: A Generation Y Gay Activist’s Story.

Civil Rights Front merged with members of Join the Impact in New York City, previously. Join the Impact had equally impressive results It began on November 7th, 2008 with two friends emailing back and fortwetpainth about the California passage of Proposition 8.Source The founders were able to use Wet Paint, to faciliate organizing only days after the Proposition 8 referendum was voted on. Similarly, activists used wet paint to organize Day of Decision rallies well ahead of the California Supere Court decision.

Another great local example is No Impact Man a blogger who made a commitment with his family to live eco-friendly including practices like composting right in the heart of the city. A new movie is will feature their story:





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