The Fight For Troy Anthony Davis’s Life

20 05 2009


Please sign the NAACP & Amnesty Intl Petitions for Troy Davis. The International Action Center is also circulating a petition! The Campaign to End the Death Penalty will meet at Tuesday May 26th at 7pm at St. Mary’s Church, 521 West 126th Street. Please take action for this man’s life and let others know RIGHT NOW!!!!

In concert with people across the nation (and at world events) a hundred people or more gathered in Union Square last night with Amnesty International USA, The Campaign to End the Death Penalty, New Yorkers For An Alternative to the Death Penalty, National Conference of Black Lawyers, Death Penalty Abolition Task Force, NAACP,  National Action Network and more groups to rally behind the life of a Georgia man, Troy Davis, who is imprisoned without physical evidence. 


The testimony of 7 out of 9 witnesses was recanted, leaving one of the 2 who didn’t change their story indicated as the real killer. Reading from perspective of those 7 last night indicated that many of them were intoxicated, that they went along with whatever the police wanted to hear, and that they signed paperwork without reading it. The Stay of Execution has been lifted on Davis and activists demand this man not be put to death without a retrial and call for the abolition of the death penalty.

Besides speeches from some of the groups that hosted the NYC event guests included a speech from the exonerated Yusef Salam, of the Central Park 5 ,  who asked everyone to contact their congress & senators, a beautiful performance by The Welfare Poets, IMPACT Repertory Theatre and meaningful statements rapper M-1 of Dead Prez

“Everyday you have to wake up and say what have I done? What can I do for the community?’ M-1 said.  The rapper said he and many of us are “sick and tired of being sick and tired,” stating that we need justice today and that ” 1 of us can’t be free until all of us are free.”  

“I am a revolutionary,” he asked the crowd to join in chanting.  

Video Copyright Nextleftnotes


The senior minister of the Riverside church Rev. Dr. Brad R. Braxton, invoked memories of spoke stating “resist in ways that never become violent.” “Speak boldly and courageously, but yet speaking in a way that’s truthful and loving.” 


Davis was featured yesterday on Democracy Now:




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