May Day Footage 2009 NYC

3 05 2009

 Groups rallied in three parks on May 1st despite pouring rain to celebrate the historic uprising of workers and labor leaders that day in 1886. Participants celebrated the diversity of culture, and reframed the argument about immigration into one of human rights, while supporting efforts to revive American unions like the Employee Free Choice Act. 


mayday4Photo Copyright MamitaMala


mayday1Photo Copyright Aldmiro


mayday5Photo Copyright Center For Community Change         

Center For Community Change Website

Restaurant Opportunities of New York Website


mayday6Copyright Center For Community Change

Meanwhile the International Action Center issued an important statement about the potential misueses of the Swine Flu to create anti-immigrant sentiment and also about the struggle for rights in Mexico under an oppressive leader.

“…swine flu crisis must not become a basis to bash Mexican immigrants or Mexican people in the U.S. or lash out at the country of Mexico.  No Latino should be the target of a Fox-news-inspired backlash. Such a backlash will inevitably spill over to all immigrants of color….”

“…Nor should this crisis be be used to further repress or terrorize the Mexican people by the Felipe Calderon government. The Mexican people have for decades carried out a heroic struggle against their governments, one that exploits and oppresses the Mexican people and gives a free hand to U.S. corporations to plunder their country…”

Read the full Statement Here.





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