Tax Day Protests New York City 2009

14 04 2009

At 8am there will be a press conference outside the main post office on 8th Ave. in Manhattan with NORML and a check for the estimated amount of tax money that would be  generated by the legalization of Marijuana at their Marijuana Consumers Demand to Pay Taxes! events. 

The group will symbolically present the check at 4:20pm with NORML supporters. Head officials from the group, including president Allen St. Pierre, will be in attendance. 

The steps of the General Post Office in Manhattan
441 Eighth Ave 
New York, NY


Code Pink, Reverend Billy and other groups will gather at AIG to protest the sale of the headquarters and demand the money made be used to pay back their debt to taxpayers. The group invites you to bring your tax form as proof of ownership!

12 Noon
AIG Headquarters, 70 Pine St, NYC 


Marriage Equality New York, Civil Rights Front and Empire State Pride Agenda  will demand equal treatment at their Equal Taxes, Equal Rights rally also at the main post office in the city from 5:30-7:30pm


Bail Out the People will assemble at the post office in the evening as well, contact the group for more information. 




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