14 04 2009

What do we do when it becomes clear that our basic human needs like shelter, food, and clean water, a life with dignity and art and free expression and free public spaces are no are no longer a factor in someone else’s business agenda? Shut Em’ Down!


Public Enemy


Jobless Americans, Americans Without Health Care, Americans With Foreclosed Homes, The People of New Orleans, The Gay Civil Rights Movement, Women and Politically Active Youth, Students, Labor Unions, Immigrants, Peace Activists, Activists of All Kinds and All Nationalities- All of Us…stand in solidarity with the exploited workers and repressed minorities of the world and say “We Will Hold Governmental and Corporate Entities Responsible!” We are the checks and balances! We demand our rights. We will communicate our message,  and exercise our 1st Amendment Right peacefully, creatively, and without pause.





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