The Weekend in NYC Activism in Pictures

5 04 2009

Check out the Pope Condom by the International Women’s Health Coaltition.  Speaking of religious leaders…



Photo By John Quilty

Green Party Mayoral Candidate Reverend Billy  denounced the state supreme court decision to let a restaurant occupy the Union Sqaure Pavilion.

Just like Rev Billy Otis Redding was hip to water conservation check out You Don’t Miss Your Water (Till It’s Gone)

Billy And also attended a protest on Wall Street with thousands of other people and groups nationwide including United For Peace & Justice and Code Pink.

rebillyapril4Check out the whole set of April 4th  by Protest Photos1 on Flickr

3pillow4Pillow Fight on Wall Street April 4th, 2009 By John @ Gothamist –Full Story

 I am proud of this group for coordinating this effort to make it politically meaningful.

The NYPD took their own footage of the event


One Arrest: 



 They broke their backs lifting Moloch to Heaven! Pave-
              ments, trees, radios, tons! lifting the city to
              Heaven which exists and is everywhere about

Bail Out The People March on Wall Street April 3rd-4th, 2009
Photo: IsisDC on Flickr
Video April 3rd, 2009
Sandra Hines and Derrick Grigsby of the Moratorium Now! Coalition to 
Stop Foreclosures and Evictions protesting.
Moratorium Now:
iheartiowa2Photo by Joshua H. on Flickr
checklistBy Brittany Travis Flickr
Marriage Equality New York & Civil Rights Front April 3rd, 2009 
Union Square Park - Celebrating the victory for gay civil rights 
in America as Iowa legislature announced it legalized same 
sex unions that day.



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