Bill Moyers Takes A Look At Socialism

25 03 2009


If anybody missed the last episode of Bill Moyers I highly recommend it. 

Two British researchers have just made news with a study over three decades, showing that where income is more evenly distributed, people are healthier in mind, body and spirit. You can find out more about their report on our website at* They found that violence, mental illness, overcrowded prisons, drugs, and obesity are more likely in a society where the gap between the have’s and have-not’s is as great as it is in the United States.  – Bill Moyers  

*THE SPIRIT LEVEL: WHY MORE EQUAL SOCIETIES ALMOST ALWAYS DO BETTER by Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett has been published in the U.K. by Allen Lane. It will be published by Bloomsbury USA in the United States in 2009

Interview With Socialist Historian Mike Davis:

Profiles of American Dissenters:

Domestic Violence & The Economy:




One response

26 03 2009

In the UK Socialism has has a bad press for about 40 years, I personally pinpoint the time to when Rupert Murdoch bought the tabloid “the Sun” newspaper (1969).

Unions have been smashed, Public Utilities have been sold off cheap, families have lost trust and security for each other and everybody else.

Its a dog eat dog world out there it suits some just fine but not most.

People sometimes tell me how they dislike socialism, on questioning them further I find they don’t even know what socialism is.

Care in the community was bought about by one of Murdoch’s poodles (thatcher)She introduced the mentally ill to the horrors of capitalism, it is no wonder they couldn’t cope, that is the reason that many of them reside in prison, if not prison then homeless.

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