New York City Gay Rights Groups Merge

6 03 2009



The local chapter of Join The Impact has decided to merge with the Civil Rights Front. The groups have been working together since last November, said Matt Flanders former JTI national contact for the NYC chapter.

In order to provide more autonomy and allow people outside our group to take a more active role in planning national Join the Impact actions, we decided to stop using the name Join the Impact NYC.  That does not mean we will no longer participate in JTI actions, Flanders said. 

While our primary focus will be marriage equality in New York, we will continue to tackle other civil rights and national issues as the group sees fit.    

The group made national headlines when they protested for Freedom To Marry day at New York City’s Marriage Bureau on Feb. 12th along with Empire State Pride Agenda and Marriage Equality New York. Flanders encouraged anyone who wants to be involved in future actions by the former JTI to go to:

We have a lot going on in the upcoming months.  Some of the things we will be discussing at tomorrow’s meeting are Equality & Justice Day in Albany; a creative tax-day action on April 15th; the 40th anniversary of Stonewall; and how we can unite all the various New York-based organizations to work together on these actions.  After all, we want the same thing — true equality.  We have a lot of work to do.  I hope you will join the Civil Rights Front in this fight. , Flanders said. 


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