Al Sharpton Leads NAN Protest Against NY Post Cartoon

19 02 2009


Erik, proud NYC resident.

Al Sharpton and the National Action Network protested, today, outside the headquarters of the New York Post. The Post has accused Sharpton of looking for publicity and the cartoonist has stated it was meant to be commentary on efforts to revitalize the economy. So far the Post has not issued a formal apology or announced any repremands of staff.

Groups have interepreted the cartoon as racist and highly offensive going so far as to label it “an incitement to assasination,” according to literature handed out by the December 12th Movement Secretariat at the protest. Some protestors questioned where Mayor Bloomberg was and others stated that they have had to protest the NY Post in the past.

National Action Network, and others, chanted “Yes we Can…Shut down the post!” and “Hey, hey, ho ho, racist workers have got to go.” Reverend Al Sharpton was on hand to address the media and participate in the rally. The group will meet again tomorrow at 4:45pm on 6th Avenue between 47th & 48th Streets. 




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