Reverend Billy Runs for NYC Mayor?

29 01 2009

Update II: Gothamist reported today that Tony Avella is sponsoring the Bill against Horse Drawn Carriages in an article about a hearing on the industry which was held in NYC.  

Update: Note – A NY1 poll found that 57%  of people asked were displeased with Michael Bloomberg’s extension of term limits recently, which will allow him to run for a 3rd term for mayor of the ctiy. The issue has been voted on by the public twice in the past and both times they said no. Bloomberg proposed the idea to the city council who voted in favor of it.

“Who Would Jesus Elect?”

Reverend Billy and Savitri D. announced in their January, 18th edition Hour of Power “Monetizing the Eyeball” webcast that they are running for mayor.

In the same broadcast the couple endorsed eco and animal rights candidate Tony Avella. Avella lists his stance on issues as the following: 


Statue of Liberty 3

Preventing Overdevelopment

Preserving Our Community

Protecting Our Families

Putting Education First

Protecting Taxpayers

Protecting Animals

Nativity Scenes in NYC Schools 


Other candidates include William C. Thompson, the NYC Comptroller, a well known gay rights supporter who believes gay marriage would be a great source of income for the city and that corporations should offer equal benefits to same sex couples. In addition to LGTBQ rights Thompson believes in greater oversight of the horse drawn carriage industry, a slight departure from Bloomberg who endorses the industry, was concerened over Wal-Mart using cameras on its workers, departed from Bloomberg saying the city could issue emergency money to fund last years presidential election day, and opposed Bloomberg on the $400 homeowner tax rebate checks, which Bloomberg tried to cancel due to bugetary concerns. Anthony Weiner is also running for mayor. 

Reverend Billy took to his blog asking Is This Politican Too Green? Billy suggests he will pass “an Ecstatic Conservation Act,” which “will immediately help us with our budget crisis and be added to the curriculum in the schools. Urban gardening, CO-2 scrubbing, the benefits to children who suffer Nature Deprivation Syndrome (NDS) – the benefits are compelling.”

The Reverend often talks about the Built Environment in his sermons. He and Savitri are pioneers in activism for the preservation of local landmarks including Coney Island and the Pavillion, a historical labor rights movement sight, at Union Square Park which could be turned into a restaurant. They state frequently the benefits of preserving wilderness and being connected locally both in terms of purchases and repoire. 

The couple announced on Janurary 25th Hour of Power, “Poetry and Greenwashing” that they will undertake campaigns to bring awareness to the prison system here in NYC. They are also producing a public access and dish network television show through Free Speech TV

NYC residents can catch a free, by donation screening of their movie “What Would Jesus Buy?” on februrary 1st. Details here.




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17 02 2009

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