Obama’s Pre-Inaugural Call To Service – Get Involved!

14 01 2009

People who are exicted to demonstrate their solidarity with Obama’s calls to service, throughout his campaign, can do just that all week up until the day before the most public oriented inaguration in American history. In the National Day of Service, rallies, charitable organization events, and MLK Jr. Day events are taking place all across America in what promises to be one of the most inspiring weeks in our lives. 

“We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek” Barack Obama

Hunger (including food stamp enrollment, meals on wheels, and soup kitchens), gay and lesbian rights groups, children’s advocates, clothing drives, and many more are lined up and waiting for your participation. 

This could be a fabulous fresh start to the new year, maybe the best resolution you could make, and a chance to demostrate the potential of these times. A great outlet for the young voters who galvanized the election and for participants of any age, backround or interest. This is a meaningful way to become connected and educated about the non-profit organizations operating in New York City and to show Obama we’re ready to work!

National Day of Service

Quick Links: 

Rally – Union Square Park – Monday, January 19th :


Other Events within 20 Miles of NYC by Date starting as early as today! 





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