Coney Land Grab Continues

6 01 2009

The NY Post announced today that developer Joe Sitt may be trying to aquire more land in Coney Island. According to the article the owner of the Thunderbolt Rollercoaster site was more satisfied with Sitt’s offer, than the city’s, of $91 Million dollars. 

According to the Post “Purchasing Bullard’s site would expand Sitt’s boardwalk portfolio to west of Stillwell Avenue as the developer would control most of the land stretching from Keyspan Park to the Cyclone rollercoaster.”  Source

Apparently Sitt plans to put an entertainment complex on the land. According to the Post the city did not comment. 

Small Businesses Being Shut Down

Store owners were reeling  as for lease signs were slapped on their property on Christmas eve.  The Brooklyn Paper cites the struggle of some of the fading local businesses in its article Boardwalk of Shame!

Local Feedback

Gowanus Lounge, a Brooklyn Blog, is disgusted with the entire situation. 

Upcoming Meetings

Meanwhile, MASNY is hosting a meeting on January 14th at 6:30pm in Coney Island where they intend to present proposals for the land’s development. 


Apparently, most of Astroland is in storage and people are hoping the park might be able to relocate to another lot for the rides, but they will require C7 zoning.  

An earlier Post article states “Carol Albert, Astroland’s longtime operator, has been packing up her rides in recent weeks to cover herself if no deal is reached between Sitt and City Hall. She confirmed today that despite receiving substantial offers for the amusements, she is not selling them and, instead, will put them in storage in the hopes the city can cut a deal.” Source




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