Coney Island Store Fronts Left Out In The Cold

4 01 2009

Members of Reverend Billy and The Church of Stop Shopping  joined organizers from for a rally which coincided with the annual tradition of the Coney Island Polar Bear’s plunge into the sea. This year the bears were the only ones with a chill.

Recently, despite a PR stint by the mayor and Councilman Domenic Recchia to melt the icicles, in which we were given false hope for the area, Astroland had to abandon ship to comply with their lease which expired in January.

Other local business owners have been chilled over with this loophole for eminent domain, the city’s underhanded dealings with developer Joe Sitt as he buys up property, evicts tenants, and offers the property up to the city. For Lease signs on nostalgic landmarks like Ruby’s & Nathans now adorn the boardwalk. 

With Sitt as the villain, with no regard for the historical value of the area, and Bloomberg circumventing public opinion to write himself in on the next mayoral ballot, we have to wonder if Bloomberg isn’t the hero he made himself out to be.

The real goings on are becoming increasingly public with Sitt and Bloomberg making an appearance relating to a city forclosure initiative.  The situation here is of mutual benefit where Sitt is basically contracted out by the city to redevelop while the city conspires to take over the projects, or get a piece of the pie, after Sitt, again playing the bad guy, shuts down and rezones the entire area. Sitt needs the city’s approval for rezoning and wants to work with the city on major development projects. 

It would be an affront for the city for the government to openly conspire against aging landmarks, but underneath it all we know Bloomberg is a businessman and he’s never gotten his hand this far into the cookie jar and he hasn’t had enough. I don’t know exactly how Bloomberg stands to profit from this except through investing, but I’m sure a lot of his friends and business partners will, too.

I don’t think this is unlike Bush’s reign of terror where Saddam Hussein was made the fall guy (like Sitt) and Bloomberg is able to advance the business agenda of he and his friends under false pretences and using tax dollars. This is another case of a politician using his office for personal gain. We might be able to label this the Bloomberg/Sitt Real Estate Development Complex where projects are artificially created to make money in a power bid for the land.

The only difference I can see between Bloomberg and Bush is that Bloomberg was, presumably, legitimately elected…But if re-elected, for a third term, we can certainly begin to question the legal validity of that event. We know for sure now that the people Bloomberg is representing is not us. 

New Years Day protestors gathered and placed notes in memorium to the theme park of yesteryear and unravled a giant sign that simple read “Stop Thor.” One wonders if an attack on the Bloomberg – Sitt Development Complex might be more effective. After all Bloomberg has yet to really be implicated here. You can call me a conspiracy theorist, but just because deals and affiliations aren’t made public, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. My proof is the magic trick you see going on in Coney Island which is making generations of organic NYC life disappear. 





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